Cloud Migration for Mitel

VoysisCloud, our flexible cloud-based solution allows you to migrate your existing on-premise Mitel infrastructure into our nationwide private cloud data centers.

Our unified communication platform ensures peace-of-mind by migrating your telephony solution and accelerating your journey to the cloud.

Our managed services offer a proactive approach to managing your business’ communication needs.


    • Voysis Cloud is a multi-instances (dedicated) platform
    • Redundancy via an Active-Active architecture offering 99.9% uptime
    • Hosted in Tier 3 data centers (Montreal | Toronto)
    • Geo-location for consistent business continuity plan
    • International numbers
    • Partners with Bell, Voxbone, Rogers, Cologix and Fibrenoire
    • Improves customer service, employee responsiveness, and business on the go
    • 99.9% reliability rate


High Availability

Centralize your material, software, and staff in a single off-site physical location with continuous operational efficiency for improved performance.


Solution that allows secure instant messaging, video conferencing, etc. and seamless integration with office phone, cell phone, tablet or device of your choice.


Our systems provide easy and intuitive access to multi-function telephony and numerous advanced applications reflecting your business needs and flexible configuration.


Using virtual center increases employee mobility and productivity, fosters innovation, reduces operating costs and allows you to offer new products and services.

Also discover our call center solution, our cloud-based business phone systems, and our phones and headsets.

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