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Contact Centre Agent

SimplyVoysis Agent empowers agents by simplifying call handling and escalation,

providing visibility of queue statistics and allowing them to manage their ACD status.

Contact Centre Supervisor

SimplyVoysis supervisor is a powerful reporting and management interface. This gives supervisors and team leaders relevant,

real-time performance information on agents and queues.

Call Recording

Our platform allows recording of calls where supervisors can activate and de-activate in real-time and access to the call after 15 mins.

SimplyVoysis Keep My Place in Queue (KMPIQ)

SimplyVoysis’ Keep My Place in Queue (KMPIQ) is an add-on capability for the SimplyVoysis ACD solution that allows inbound queued

callers to request a call back when they reach the front of the queue.



Add SMS to Unity’s existing contact center solution. Two-way SMS conversations allow customers to directly contact

businesses no matter where they are for an “always on” customer service.


Engage on your customer’s terms by responding to Tweets and

Direct Messages from within Unity Contact Center.


When someone emails your company what happens? Route it and measure it with Unity Contact Center.

This provides full management and control of incoming email traffic, saving time and improving productivity.

Web Chat  

Integrate Web Chat with your overall voice solution SimplyVoysis Contact Center provides your customers with a rich Web Chat experience. Customize the widget, configure department,

add canned responses and set up Agents before copy and pasting the Java Script to seamlessly embed Web Chat into your website.


SimplyVoysis CRM Connector is a middleware solution that seamlessly join the SimplyVoysis telephony and your

CRM for screen-pop incoming calls and outbound click to dial.

– Key Features:

Inbound and Outbound Screen Pop

CRM in Queue Profiling

Dynamic Search

Automatic Cll Logging

Call Logs Profiling

Abandoned Call Integration

Multi-Channel Logging

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