Integrating Microsoft teams with Simply1 w/ Cisco Webex

Posted in : Non classé | December 2, 2020

A Cisco WebEx and Microsoft Teams integration solution at your fingertips

Current market needs have led to different unified collaboration tools to integrate their most useful features and provide the end-user with a solution across unified communication channels. One of the most efficient examples is seen with the Microsoft Teams and Cisco WebEx integration on the Simply 1 w/Cisco Webex.

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In fact, during the past 6 months an increasing number of people have received more virtual meeting invitations than ever before. Unified communication tools have made it easy to schedule and join calls, share content, and organize workflows through a series of easy to implement steps. However, 3rd party applications, often used before, during and following meetings have sometimes made the entire process tedious by creating more challenges than they solve.

It is clear, that the key to the success of every business is efficiency and ensuring the output is continuous and profitable. In order for this to occur employees must be provided with easy to use, flexible solutions to support their work.

How do virtual teams achieve successful and efficient on-line collaboration?

For instance, the Cisco calling integration, provides an easy way for businesses to join its calling platform through a 3rd party messaging solutions, like Microsoft Teams and Slack.

It is no secret that Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams, under the banner of the Simply 1 platform, bring new meaning to the term unified-communication. In fact, integration teams have been tirelessly building bridges with the aim of providing seamless user experiences across these Teams channels and leading to a position where Cisco WebEx ‘s full range of offerings now allows to seamlessly merge with the Microsoft product.

There are several ways one can boost productivity by bringing the power of both on-line tools together. In fact, using one of the two tools does not prevent the use of the other for different workloads, including meetings, calling, and video conferencing.

Cisco WebEx integration through the Simply 1 platform has endless benefits for remote working. It in fact allows to schedule, start, or join meetings, and invite participants to Personal Room directly from the Microsoft platform, without having to sign out!

This can easily be achieved by joining and scheduling meetings through the user-friendly WebEx tab within Microsoft. One can also decide on the frequency of the schedule, or furthermore, create a personal tab easily accessible from the Microsoft Teams app. Here you can also view a list of upcoming meetings as well as a list of individuals who have already joined.

Users who initially voiced concerns about the cross-over, quickly realize that not only is the connection simple from a user’s perspective, but it is also quite effortless to deploy from an administrative point of view.

For clients, this also means there are no changes to either the infrastructure, nor software configurations by the in-house IT teams. Furthermore, there are no extra steps to take by Microsoft Teams user, who can simply begin a Cisco call from an existing conversation by clicking on the call button in the conversation bar. From here the user is able to access telephone numbers, search for contacts, and pin speed dials already existing in the MS system.

Indeed, the entire objective of bridging these systems together is to be able to provide a healthier collaboration between the two systems and enabling improved video conferencing by joining Cisco WebEx meetings without having to leave the platform one is currently working with.

The advantages are numerous

Not only are there truly no compromises on the calling features, users can also benefit from activating calling on desktop or softphone, and there are no additional licencing or subscription fees. In fact, for Cisco users, there is no (E5) Microsoft Cloud PBX Phone System license required.

The flexibility allows customers to be able to access the tools from the Ipad and the Desktop. When choosing to use the Cisco APP, the client can search and call contacts from the MS Azure Directory or Outlook 365 by simply typing in the contact name. The App will show matches where they exist: office numbers, mobile numbers, and SIP Addresses.

The deployment of WebEx Call (for WebEx Teams users and Uc-One users), as well as for Cisco Jabber users, is implemented from the Microsoft Teams App Store.

Response by users has been overwhelmingly positive as companies and individuals strive to remain as productive and efficient as possible during these extraordinary times.

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