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Virtualization is a hot topic in the world these days. We’re moving everything we can to digital formatting and cloud storage, from books and publications to services and business practices. However, some functions and features are less easy to virtualize. Voice telephony, for example, is difficult to translate into the virtual world as it has traditionally maintained rigid hardware and networking specifications. However, the partnership between Mitel and VMWare has helped to tackle this years-old problem by bringing leaders from both voice telephony and virtualization together to provide customers with a voice virtualization solution that frees burden, lowers costs, and improves performance.

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After a year and a half of rigorous testing and work, the team has developed an effective solution that runs Mitel’s Unified Communications tools on VMWare’s vSphere 4 virtualization platform. Mitel applications can be downloaded and installed from any system running the vSphere platform with ease. Many of MItel’s industry-leading tools are available through the virtual world – these include the Mitel Communication Director, Enterprise Manager, Contact Center Solutions, and virtual applications for the Mitel Applications Suite.

Virtualizing voice makes it substantially easier for businesses to respond to the growing needs and challenges of the market. By receiving these tools through the virtual world with ease, businesses will be able to rapidly implement new solutions that help improve communication, lower costs, and open up the doors for new opportunities in terms of partnerships and customer relationships. The result of Mitel and VMWare’s partnership is the ability to offer a wide range of applications that can function across multiple hardware platforms at the convenience of the user.

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