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Posted in : All, Communication | May 27, 2013

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The world of mobile technology has exploded over the past decade. Around the turn of the century we were seeing cell phones becoming more and more popular, but it has really been within the past 10 years that mobile devices began to take a hold of our culture. For personal and business use alike, mobile phones and tablets now support a wide range of functions and communication methods. Businesses are wise to employ mobile technology into their communications strategies; for workers on-the-go, for remote users, and for all other mobile-related concerns, you want to have a defined strategy for keeping in touch.

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Mitel Unified Communications Mobile offers users the power to leverage a single phone number and a single voice mailbox with the ability to access all of the effective business communications features anywhere and at any time.

Mitel Unified Communications Mobile allows you to twin your extension at the office with your mobile device so that you can take calls directly at any time and in any place. It improves productivity by making the connection with your business systems, and it streamlines processes in that manner as well. Make it easier for people to get a hold of you by having availability on-the-go.

UC Mobile also adds features while simultaneously cutting costs. It lets you use in-office extensions from your mobile phone for quick and easy dialing. It also cuts down on cell phone costs usually associated with long distance since your calls will be going through the in-house network rather than your mobile plan.

Pick up Mitel Unified Communications Mobile and support the need to keep active and on the move!

Get all the telephony functionalities you need for one low monthly price