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How can a business succeed in competitive environments with rapidly growing and changing customer needs? One of the tired and true mantras of the world of business is “Do more with less” – but it can be difficult to visualize and implement this basic strategy without the proper planning and tools. Thankfully, Mitel offers businesses a structured and refined communications system solution that helps reduce costs, improve efficiency, drive productivity, and (importantly) fit with the specific needs of your customer. Mitel Communications Director is the foundation of Mitel’s Freedom Architecture, and it offers integrated solutions for voice, mobility, unified messaging, presence, conferencing, applications, and more. The combined solution enables faster, more reliable, and more capable solutions for communication in the workplace.

Get all the telephony functionalities you need for one low monthly price

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One of the biggest factors that separates MCD from similar systems is the freedom it offers. It gives the user the freedom of an “in office” experience from any device; it also offers the freedom of a single, cloud-ready software stream that can be implemented on any network, infrastructure, or platform. This flexibility is unparalleled in the communications industry.

With MCD, you’ll also be able to benefit from sales and marketing support from Mitel that helps you build a loyal customer base and generate even further growth and revenue.

Unifying your communications systems and tools can instantly improve the quality and success of your business. Employees will feel more comfortable using the tools they have at their disposal, and more work will get done in less time. If you’re trying to do more with less, than look no further than Mitel Communications Director.

Get all the telephony functionalities you need for one low monthly price