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Word of the Month – Proactive

Posted in : Word of the Month | May 6, 2019

In March’s Word of the Month, there was a statement that read: “it’s important to constantly move forward, to make consistent progress in anything you do.” The same goes for being proactive; when you’re proactive waiting around for answers to appear is simply a waste of time, rather you go out and seek the answers. […]

Technical Account Manager Service

Posted in : Mitel | April 22, 2019

Voysis IP Solutions Technical Account Managers (TAMs) are fully qualified and dedicated in supporting your telephony system. Our TAMS provide unparalleled product knowledge to help you streamline deployment of your telephony solutions and improve operations of your MITEL platform. For more information on our TAM Services, download the brochure here!  

Mitel Demonstrates the Power of Google Contact Center AI

Posted in : Communication, Mitel | April 17, 2019

A video demonstration of Mitel’s use of Google’s Contact Centre AI technology within their contact centre platform. For more information on In this video, Presenter, Patrick joins the guys at the Mitel booth to take a look at a demonstration of Google’s Contact Center AI technology. Matthew explains that Mitel have been partnering with Google for […]

Employee Spotlight

Posted in : Employee Spotlight | April 16, 2019

Project Management is a skill set that masters the art of delivery; it’s a skill that encompasses many different aspects such as communication, leadership, personal organization, team management, problem solving and so on. On that note, Voysis’ Project Department is driven by employees who are dedicated and instrumental in creating a successful project implementation and […]

Word of the Month – Align/Realign

Posted in : Word of the Month | April 1, 2019

Our lives are constantly shifting. Although change is good and positive for us, sometimes we lose momentum and forget that we need to realign ourselves with our goals and priorities, and more importantly, acknowledge the fact that we lose focus. It’s difficult to be aligned 100% of the time because sometimes obstacles that need to […]


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