Long-distance Learning Made Simple

With online classes becoming a lot more predominant in colleges and universities, students and professors can now communicate through voice and video calls through VoIP technology.

Direct Collaboration

  • VoIP solutions will significantly improve the direct collaboration with parents and keep them abreast in classroom activities
  • VoIP enables the collaboration among classes in different areas of the globe
  • Sharing of course curriculums, participation in language courses, orientation and seminar meetings made simple

Unifying Education

  • Connect your educational classrooms, student accommodation, administrative offices, libraries, and other areas across the campus with one single VoIP telephony solution
  • Our VoIP solutions provide a better alternative in maintaining communication during an emergency in the event that landlines are down

Also discover what VoIP technology can bring to those industries: large enterprises, SME, financial sector, health sector and hospitality.

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