Client Management at your Fingertips

Most financial institutions have employees who are in contact with customers most of the day. The need for a VoIP solution that’s secure, allows for collaborative sharing of documents, contracts, and information is important.

Security Protocols

  • Our VoIP telephony solutions allow for employee monitoring, detailed call history, and secure instant messaging meeting financial regulatory requirements
  • All of your system’s data is stored in the cloud and connects to a secure data center dedicated to your company’s own infrastructure

Your Workplace is Everywhere

  • Our unified communications (UcaaS) package will allow you to meet and communicate with your clients in your home office without sacrificing productivity
  • Transfer your call over to your deskphone if you picked up an important call on your mobile while driving to the office

Also discover what VoIP technology can bring to those industries: education, large enterprises, SME, health sector and hospitality.

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