Word of the Month – Envision

Posted in : Word of the Month | January 11, 2019

With the Holiday season all wrapped up and as we get back into the rhythm of things, what goals or resolutions did you set for yourself this year? It’s important to envision what type of energy and intentions you’d like to bring to your personal and professional lives in order to obtain these goals. As another year goes by, we’re often too busy to take retrospective look on the past year and really examine if we really achieved what we set out to do. Envisioning a process for anything you want to accomplish is the first step to success, in my humble opinion.

Often times, no matter what the obstacles are, it’s important to envision yourself at the end of it all; even when you’re at the beginning. This allows you to accept yourself and your efforts and empowers you to make decisions that are right for you. We are constantly evolving and should always be opened to opportunities that are presented to us; it helps us set our intentions for these opportunities and helps us envision what we want and how we want to better ourselves in the future.

Have the confidence to think ahead; make goals, set your intentions, and ultimately, envision yourself achieving and doing good and things will fall into place.