Word of the Month – Renaissance

Posted in : Word of the Month | October 5, 2018

Usually, what comes to mind when we hear the word “Renaissance”,  is the specific period in history where there was a revival of classical art, intellect, and culture in Ancient Rome and Greece. During this era, there was a “rebirth” of humanism, so to speak. There were discoveries in a multitude of difference subjects  and there was cross-over appeal where many worked within a variety of different disciplines.

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If we apply this concept to our personal and professional lives, we focus on many interests and use our skills on a regular basis. From a professional standpoint, it helps us become “everything”. It allows us to solve a problem, look at the issues, and come up with a solution without having to escalate. The misconception is that being a “Renaissance” man or woman means neglecting your own tasks; on the contrary. It means that your priority is to get the job done. This month, let’s take a page out of the Renaissance era and become “everything”.

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