Word of the Month – Proactive

Posted in : Word of the Month | May 6, 2019

In March’s Word of the Month, there was a statement that read: “it’s important to constantly move forward, to make consistent progress in anything you do.” The same goes for being proactive; when you’re proactive waiting around for answers to appear is simply a waste of time, rather you go out and seek the answers. In other words, you become resourceful.

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In my experience, the most successful organizations have employees who are constantly making things happen and controlling situations rather than reacting after things happen. I think communication plays a key role in how effective employees are in being proactive. It’s important to voice your concerns at times in order to help you focus on the task at hand. Let’s face it, we all get distracted and need to press that reset button but what’s important to remember is that we are in control and have the power to choose. Peace of mind, sense of direction, and self-improvement and awareness are all characteristics of being proactive. Wouldn’t you want to be less stressed, have a clearer vision of where you’re going, and continuously improve? Ultimately, I think this is what everyone wants.

Here’s some further reading you can do on the subject and how it may apply to your professional life: https://businesscollective.com/8-ways-to-become-the-most-proactive-person-you-know/index.html

Get all the telephony functionalities you need for one low monthly price