AI Unleashed: Revolutionizing Customer Experiences in Contact Centers

Posted in : Contact Center | September 18, 2023

According to IDC, over 70% of buyers point to customer experience as an important factor in purchasing decisions.

The rise of consumer expectations, digital interactions, and technological advances are driving companies to rethink the way they interact with their customers. Intense competition and customer interactions at every stage of the journey are challenging companies to create seamless and differentiated experiences for their customers.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most exciting technological innovations of the modern age. AI and its derivative technologies, including machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) are being used to solve a number of problems, by offering new ways to automate tasks, create new efficiencies, and augment the performance of employees to empower them to achieve more and provide better customer experiences. Contact centers are at the frontline of these experiences.


The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Contact Center

Contact centers have been using AI in some limited form for decades. Even with basic automatic call distribution (ACD) technology, it was possible to identify and route calls to the right agent at the right time using basic predictive algorithms to determine the best agent.

Virtual agents such as chatbots, conversational IVRs, and intelligent assistants help to minimize agent burnout while improving the quality of time spent with customers who need help from a human agent. AI is being used to empower agents by putting context at their disposal in real-time, so they can quickly and accurately respond to customer inquiries on the first contact.

“Super Agents” Born Through Artificial Intelligence

AI and skilled people will need to work together. Take the example of a chat bot. When the bot detects that the interaction needs to be escalated to a human agent, it brings along with it the history of the conversation to enable a seamless transition from self-service chat to assisted chat. The agent can then very quickly and effortlessly take over the interaction with everything they need displayed right in front of them. In this regard, AI is an enabler for better live agent assistance, not a replacement of it.

Using Data & AI to Improve Customer Loyalty

Artificial intelligence thrives on data and is turning data into a new source of competitive advantage. When combined with AI, data analytics provides a powerful tool to enhance how contact centers engage with their customers proactively. The secret to applying AI effectively starts with your data. AI can provide answers into what your data is telling you, giving you better understanding of the insights hidden in your data so that you can optimize contact center operations and resources for peak efficiency. The combination of the two provides insights into a customer’s journey, uncovering the “truth” of how customers are experiencing a brand. With this knowledge, businesses can change those experiences to make them better and more profitable.

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