Voysis use Obkio for Network Performance Monitoring

Posted in : Cloud Telephony, Communication | February 19, 2020

Network Performance Monitoring :

NPM : It’s continuous monitoring by sending synthetic traffic from decentralized agents to establish a performance baseline and history.

Advantages :

- Increasing proactivity : Network Performance Monitoring let IT pros work on issues before they affect end-users.

- Synthetic Traffic : This light traffic is non-intrusive and very secure. It does not require packet capture so it respects the users' privacy and does not require any changes to device configuration.

- Continuous Monitoring : The agents send the synthetic traffic every 500 ms. So twice a second, the agents measure the network performance between each other.

- Establish Baseline and History : network performance history is required to go back in time and establish a baseline of the network performance with a 1-minute granularity.

- Voice Quality : The network performance monitoring solution calculates the VoIP Quality for each network performance monitoring sessions every minute.

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Agent : Small Hardware Appliances, Two cables to plug (Ethernet (DHCP) & Power) and it’s ready to use. No Configuration Required Agent X1001