Mitel updates, latest releases, and new features

Publié dans : Products Updates | 06 March 2019

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1.       MiVoice Business

  • Latest Release: 9.0 SP1 PR1

What's New:

i.      vMIVB support for vSphere 6.7

ii.      Support for MICC Business ACD SIP Hot Desking

iii.      Recall for unsupervised transfers

iv.      Several Bug Fixes


2.       MiVoice Border Gateway

  • Latest Release: 10.1 FP2

What's New:

i.      The MBG will include audit logs for use with the 3rd party provisioning API.

ii.      Cluster/per node capacity improvement

iii.      Support TCP and TLS with SRTP on SIP Trunks

iv.      Improved diagnostics for easier troubleshooting

v.      Provisioning API for MSA Partners

vi.      General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

vii.      Support for Third-Party TLS Certificates

viii.      Several Bug Fixes


3.       MiCollab

  • Latest Release: 8.1.1

What's New

i.      AWV:

  • Removal of MainConceptH-264 Video Codec
  • Web Sharing Support in Virtual Environments
  • MiCollab Microsoft Outlook Plugin Virtual Desktop Environment Support


ii.      MiCollab Client:

  • VMware 6.7 Support
  • macOS Mojave, iPhone XR, and XS MAX Support
  • User Interface Enhancements
  • iOS Client Push Notification Support for EHDU Calls
  • PC Client SIP Softphone Support in Virtual Environments

iii.      Several Bug Fixes


4.       MiContact Center

  • Latest Release: 9.1.0

What's New:

i.      MiCollab SIP Softphone Hot-Desking

ii.      IVR Schedule Activity Time Zone Support

iii.      Work Force Management – Teleopti

iv.      Call Transfer for Blind Transfer and Consultation Call has been updated

v.      Support for Third-Party TLS Certificates

vi.      Several Bug Fixes


5.       MiVoice Call Recorder

  • Latest Release: 9.2 SP1

What's New:

i.      New passive 6-Hour call detection mechanism

ii.      Use of direct call recording over indirect call recording in SRC is enforced in 9.2SP1

iii.      Several Bug Fixes