Plans & Pricing

FeaturesSimply BasicSimply ProfessionalSimply AdvancedSimply Executive
Phone Number
Call Waiting
Call Hold
Call Transfer
Call Forward - Busy
Call Forward - No Answer
Call Forward - Not Reachable
Call Forward Selective (call will be routed to external if original appliance not reachable
Last Minute Redial
3-way Calling
7-way Calling
Caller ID: Name and Phone Number
Credit Locking
Basic Call Logs (depending if phones support) – Call History
Malicious Call Trace
Web Portal* (Reporting)
Voicemail (voicemail to email)
Key System = Shared Call Appearance + Call Park
External Speed Dial
Hot Desking
Busy Lamp Field
Do Not Disturb
Personal Ring Group
Selective Call Acceptance / selective Call Rejection
Mobility – Simultaneous ring to Cell Phone
Personalized Music on Hold
Shared Called Appearance (multi phones)
Voice and Video Softphone Mobile, tablet and PC (Business Communicator)
Instant Messaging and presence
Desktop Sharing
“My Room” Audio and Video

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