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Virtualization has quickly become a hot button topic among businesses and institutions worldwide, and for good reason. It offers the opportunity to expand horizons, cut costs, improve productivity, and streamline processes. It generally provides more reliability, connectivity, and a stronger user experience. With that being said, it has not been the simplest task to take on when revamping business systems around the world. The “voice problem” looms large for businesses looking to virtualize their phone systems and other communication tools. While it has been a fairly straightforward process to virtualize functions and applications, real-time technology such as communications – and specifically voice features – are much more difficult to move to the cloud. Thankfully, Voysis are now able to provide our customers with a voice virtualization solution. Our partnerships with Mitel and VMWare have led to a unique collaboration that helped to solve the issue of delay and voice virtualization roadblocks in a way that provides our customers with high-quality and reliable services.

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Virtualizing your phone systems could be one of the best decisions you make in your business. One of the key benefits of virtualization is cost efficiency – it allows you to converge your service bills and minimize hardware required to support communication systems. Having your phone systems hosted on the cloud means less hardware, less concerns about uptime, and more reliable connectivity. Additionally, it allows you to benefit from all of the features and unique advantages of IP PBX.

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