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While it is easy to look at the telephony industry and consider that IP telephony is on the rise, it is sometimes good to have concrete numbers to back up an analysis of the trend. A recent report on a study conducted by the research firm Ovum shows that a staggering 84% of US firms have adopted IP telephony. The study also examined businesses and their response to unified communications and other collaborative tools, which delivered similarly positive results.

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The benefits of IP telephony are numerous and worth examining. Lowering institutional burdens and increasing accessibility and flexibility, along with the ability to scale your telephony solution to the specific needs of your business, serves as a much stronger solution for business communications than other leading alternatives. With more powerful networks supporting businesses around the globe, companies can look to IP telephony as a more high-tech and involved solution for communicating and collaborating.

IP phones offer a host of unique features that you would not be able to find on other hardware and software. Strong support of multi-party conferences, recordings, hot keys and shortcuts, and numerous other tangible benefits separate IP telephony from basic land lines and other structures. For businesses looking to improve communication, IP telephony should be one of the first places to consider.

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Get all the telephony functionalities you need for one low monthly price