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If you’ve done business with Voysis and are using any of our numerous comprehensive IP telephony and other software solutions, you are entitled to 24-hour customer service designed to answer questions, solve problems, and increase the performance of your tools. Voysis is able to offer around-the-clock support to meet the needs of worldwide clients and to support our systems in any environment.

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Service calls can be supported between 8:00 and 17:00 Monday through Friday. All service calls are completed within 24 hours of request. Customers can also place Emergency Calls at the same hours. For emergencies, a technician will be assigned to the call within 15 minutes of call receipt and they will work immediately to go into the system, identify the problem, and determine a strategy to solve it. Problems will be tested to ensure the cause is understood. If the issue cannot be solved remotely, a technician will come to the site within 2 hours of the diagnosis of the issue. This ensures that Voysis offers a comprehensive solution to problems that require immediate attention. All service and emergency calls are tracked and confirmed via e-mail notifications.

For emergencies after hours, Voysis also offers after hours emergency support. The same protocol for business hours is used; technicians are assigned promptly, and any issuer that cannot be resolved remotely will be handled on site.

For information about the contact numbers and strategies associated with handling customer service requests, visit our Contact page. Voysis is dedicated to providing all of our clients with top-of-the-line support to ensure that all products and services are running properly at all times.

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