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Posted in : Events | November 16, 2018

This past week, Voysis IP Solutions took part in an informative conference in Chicago sponsored by Wordstream. As a marketer, it is important to attend these knowledge sharing events in order to help grow our business and understand the ins and out of Google ranking, advertising, and more importantly, organic search.

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There were a few great takeaways from this event but one that stuck with me, and one that I’m currently implementing within our marketing initiatives, is the brand story. Most companies genuinely have a brand story; one that helps them feel emotionally connected to the brand. Whereas this may seem simple and somewhat practical for certain brands in certain industries, how can I make this work in a market like telecommunications which is rather niche, and to some extent vague?

I raised my hand; I asked the question.

“Know who you are” was the answer. “What does your company stand for…once you know this you can begin to piece your story together.”

Although you can generally understand what your company stands for, it’s important to take a deeper look. That is, listen to your customers. What motivates them to choose your company over your competition. Is it price, is it service, or is it reputation? The brand story will slowly come together once your company defines its position. Then, and only then, will you be able to advertise based off on this concept. Your brand story will begin to take shape in the form of ads, keywords, and social media posts.

Another interesting takeaway from this event was a presentation called “Search and Social – 3 Tricks to Make your Advertising Work Better Together” which focused on how to advertise through your social network. What’s interesting about this concept is how to leverage your social media networks to sell your compelling story through images, product info, links to webinars, etc. However, the pitfalls of using Facebook, for example, is that although the advertising may provide value in terms of CPA, some campaigns may not convert to leads.

It is important in this case that you perfect your audience target across different networks. Most social media ads can target any audience and will often pique the interest of products that haven’t  launched yet. Facebook (as if we already didn’t know) has a social reach of 207 million; why not leverage your search network with Google, and couple it with social media…makes sense.

All campaigns work better together; the same way your organization works better when you collaborate with your team. This also has an underlying theme though; your brand story begins with you and how your team can effectively give your customers what they want and what they need—now, it just needs to be out there.

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