Employee Spotlight

Posted in : Employee Spotlight | January 17, 2019

Our employees are what makes Voysis IP Solutions a unique and diverse place to work and the driving force behind our success. We work to continuously attract and retain experienced and dynamic professionals who have a passion for what they do. Our work environment nurtures professional growth and offers career advancement opportunities—which brings me to Jamie! Jamie has been with the Voysis IP Solutions family for 10 years. He’s currently Director of Sales, a team-player, consistently leads by example, and a dedicated employee.

What better way to kick off our monthly Employee Spotlight series with an employee who has been here since the beginning…ladies and gentleman: Jamie!

Describe a typical day for you at Voysis as Director of Sales?

As Director of Sales, it’s important that I help in proactively driving business to Voysis. A typical day for me begins with following up with the sales team and making sure they have all the material and support needed. I also brainstorm ideas with Marketing in order to create sales support material I feel would be beneficial for my team. I also meet with my sales team on a weekly basis to discuss current opportunities or issues, as well as helping them through different sales scenarios that may arise during the sales cycle.

What is the most challenging part about your job?

I believe that the sales process is more of a marathon than a sprint. It’s important to find the right balance by bringing a certain level of curiosity to every sales meeting. Sometimes, when working in sales, you may feel suffocated by the lack of opportunities. In my experience, it’s important to understand our current clients’ needs and also the ones we want as part of our prospect. To that point, it’s important to build and maintain a rapport with each one.

What is it about the Voysis culture that attracts employees?

Like any organization, it’s important that a culture of success and excellence is created in order to attract the right employees and retain them. At Voysis, I feel that we are more than just co-workers but rather part of an extended family. We each deeply care for each other on a personal and professional level and we take pride in seeing when one of our own succeeds, gets promoted, etc. It’s a very unique culture based on our four core values; Work Hard; No Fear; Team Player, and Customers First.

 If you didn’t work in sales, what would you want to do?

To be completely honest, I never saw myself working within a sales department, let alone, running it; but I do enjoy speaking and interacting with different people and I enjoy the “hunting” aspect of selling. If I wasn’t working in sales, I’d most likely be in a position that would allow the freedom to do a variety of different things and in a different location as well.

What is the most rewarding part about your job?

Selling is a process, contrary to popular belief that it is in fact and art and science. I approach a sale by being warm and approachable and also act as a consultant. I like to educate my clients on what they’re buying in order to provide the best service possible. I think the rush and adrenaline of selling is a great feeling; knowing you closed a sale that was deemed unobtainable is also highly motivating.

 What is the most important thing you’ve learned about yourself?

Never say never; you can do anything you put your mind to as long as you give yourself a chance.