Employee Spotlight

Posted in : Employee Spotlight | April 16, 2019

Project Management is a skill set that masters the art of delivery; it’s a skill that encompasses many different aspects such as communication, leadership, personal organization, team management, problem solving and so on. On that note, Voysis’ Project Department is driven by employees who are dedicated and instrumental in creating a successful project implementation and ensure that a client’s project consistently moves forward.

One of Voysis’ valued team members, Anthony Santoianni, understands the importance of providing consistent project management duties in order to produce quality results for our partners.

Anthony began his journey at Voysis as a Telecom Specialist, promoted to Team Lead shortly after, and now is a Technical Project Manager whose role was instrumental in designing Voysis’ VoysisCloud and SimplyVoysis solutions. His experience within our organization and knowledge of the telecom industry is vital in training new recruits. Let’s learn a little more about Anthony in this month’s Employee Spotlight.

When did you begin your tenure at Voysis IP Solutions?

I’ve been part of the Voysis team since 2013 and have been working within the VoIP field since 2002. Prior to that time, I was employed in the general IT / PC industry. The evolution of the PC and Internet connectivity has been incredible up until this point—I look forward to watching it evolve.

What does your role as Project Manager entail?

My style of Project Management is very client-driven. Understanding the client’s expectations is key to delivering a project. It is my obligation to be sensitive to the client’s needs and make sure I am able to meet all of their demands all while maintaining realistic expectations.

Keeping the lines of communication opened is also important. This allows us to gauge whether or not expectations have been met on a regular basis before we “go live”.

How do you deal with being up “against the clock” when a project needs to be implemented?

The simple way of working with tight time constraints is establishing deadlines early on. Starting with the delivery date and working backwards allows us to use milestones for every step in the project. If these milestones are well-defined and due dates are respected, often times, rush requests can easily be fulfilled.

What do you enjoy most about working at Voysis IP Solutions?
Working for Voysis has allowed me to grow professionally. Our products are diverse enough; there is a consistent synergy between project management and technical service. I look forward to the future of communications all while being part of the Voysis team.

Other than your duties at Voysis IP Solutions, what are some hobbies or side projects you have outside of the office?

Work and play often overlap. I have been working with PCs since 1995 and watched the Internet become a reality over the last 20 years or so. As a lover of technology in general, I try to keep up to date with the latest hardware and continue to observe the “Internet of things” with much interest; VoIP just adds another layer to that passion.