Word of the Month – Share

Posted in : All, Communication | August 14, 2018

Over the last few months, you may have noticed a significant amount of sharing and knowledge transfer that’s been going on through our social media channels. The aim here is to inform our clients of innovate and informative strategies we have in store for them. From a business perspective, the aim is to get leads and convert these leads into clients. However, there’s an upside to this; when we share our content we want our clients to feel connected to us and understand our story.

That goes without saying that sharing is about informing and including. At Voysis, our reputation for being a strong and innovative VoIP organization is attributed to the fact that we all collectively share our experiences. When we share our view, it is an opportunity to grow; and this can far exceed our own expectations. Let’s collectively continue to share our knowledge with each other. We all have a certain skill set—ultimately this is what makes organizations special and strive for success.