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Voysis is dedicated to providing our customers with unified communications solutions. That means that we are interested in consolidating your tools and systems for communicating and finding ways to support them with the most stable and functional networks, the most comprehensive hardware and software solutions, and the best tools to support voice, video, messaging, and much more. The Voysis solution is centered on the idea that IP telephony improves productivity, relieves institutional burdens, and enhances employee and customer satisfaction.

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Voysis provides a suite of communications solutions with the Mitel IP phones, virtualization products, and enterprise solutions. This technology is built to support complex and fully functional IP telephony and is implemented with the methodology that leveraging the cloud is the way of the future. By virtualizing the technology associated with voice in your business, you are able to solve a host of problems at once – connectivity, quality, security, and range of functionality are all improved by running voice through the cloud. Voysis’s partnership with VMWare allowed the creation of this unified solution for virtualized voice.

In addition, Voysis supports the need for solid networking with a family of Brocade switches that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business. These switches are top-of-the-line and are designed to support anywhere from light to heavy IP telephony, Internet usage, video, and much more. A strong network is the foundation of successful communication, and Voysis is dedicated to providing our clients with just that.

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