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Call recording and quality assurance can be a very important part of a business. It may protect businesses from potential legal issues, it may help solve customer complaints and concerns, and it may provide unique insight into the needs, interests, and proclivities of customers. It can also be an invaluable tool to monitor the performance and effectiveness of your work force. That’s why a business in a situation that requires call recording should invest in strong solutions for call recording and quality assurance. Voysis offers a Tracer contact management software solution that provides robust, enterprise-class call recording, agent evaluation, and total quality assurance functionality. Features of the Tracer contact management software solution include:

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  • An intuitive user interface with call visualization that simplifies call recording review and auditing
  • Easy-to-use organization and search capabilities that allows a call recording of any kind to be located and retrieved within mere seconds
  • Integrated live monitoring and automatic monitoring to support real-time agent coaching, training, and general personnel development
  • Customizable employee evaluations and quality reporting to allow companies to proactively monitor, manage, and improve workforce performance

As you can see, an effective call recording system provides far more functionality than simple audio recording. It offers the flexibility and feature-based solutions you will need to not only record calls, but easily access, analyze, and report on them. Proper use of this technology can lead to a much stronger work force, and it can also help you handle customer issues with professionalism and accuracy. Try out the Tracer contact management software and see what you’ve been missing!

Get all the telephony functionalities you need for one low monthly price