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Virtualization has taken the technology industry by storm. It’s no surprise that businesses and institutions around the world are interested in finding newer and more efficient ways of storing data, promoting activity, and connecting remote parties. Being able to create virtual environments for communication in particular is a highly desirable feature that can lower institutional costs and burdens and improve productivity and quality of work. With that being said, it’s a classic example of the old mantra of “easier said than done”.

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Virtualizing data and services that aren’t in real time is one thing – that generally follows a straightforward path and requires much less consideration. Virtualizing real-time communication and data transmission, on the other hand, is a much more complex task. Thankfully, Voysis offers a virtualization solution that partners Mitel with VMWare to provide our clients with virtualized voice services that meet all of their expectations and needs.

Mitel’s Unified Communications features are front runners in the world of comprehensive voice solutions. They include enhanced communication, shortcuts for dialing and data access, simplified messaging, virtual voice mail, and much more. WIth the Voysis virtualization solution, these features can be accessed virtually through the VMWare vSphere 4 module. You won’t have to store anything on your servers, and you won’t have to worry about uptime and network strength – the virtualized voice solution leverages the cloud in order to provide you with quality assurance and control.

The benefits of shifting over your voice to the virtual world are countless. Check out what Voysis has to offer you with our combined virtualization solution!

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