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Voysis IP Solutions is a customer-driven company from end to end. The needs of our clients are of the utmost importance to us in everything that we do. We are a service-driven company that has taken a proactive approach to the gradual integration of voice and data in the technology industry. Our mission is to capitalize on this convergence and make the absolute most out of it; additionally, we strive to find new ways to use this technology to contribute to our clients’ success. This includes continual analysis and innovation to refine our products and services to meet the needs of businesses and institutions all over.

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The term “unified communications” gets bounced around a lot, but it can sometimes be hard to parse. Voysis doesn’t look at unified communications as just a buzz word – we look at it as an ever-evolving goal. One way to visualize this topic is to consider the advancements that have brought us to smart phones. If you break down the functions of a smart phone into devices that supported them 20 years ago, you’d have a computer, a telephone, a video game system, a map, a a clock, a television, a stack of books, and much, much more. The benefits of consolidating these functions and services into a single device or system are tangible and desirable. You save money, time, space, effort, and hassle.

Voysis aims to apply this methodology to telephone systems and networks. Streamline the communications process in your business with IP phones, effective multipurpose network switches, and virtualized solutions. Voysis offers a wide range of products and services and can custom fit our solutions to the needs of your business.

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