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Let’s face it – the business world is changing. As effective and traditional as office work environments are, they are slowly growing and shifting towards more fluid work environments. With more and more studies demonstrating that working from home and other alternative methods to office working are just as if not more productive than the classical approach, businesses are considering each day how mobile work and alternative work environments can improve productivity, opportunities, and overall success. To support remote work, however, you need specific communication systems in place. If you’re a business that relies on its communication and phone systems to function – and what business isn’t? – it is crucial to find a solution for remote work that offers all of the features and integration of IP PBX systems without any of the hassle of traditional mobile solutions. Voysis offers our customers the Mitel Border Gateway, an all-in-one solution for teleworking that sacrifices nothing in the endeavor of integrating remote workers with in-house systems.

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Mitel Border Gateway supports the delivery of multiple services in a number of network edge scenarios. Features include:

  • Teleworker Service – a secure plug and play module for all remote workers to easily access business communication systems in a user-friendly and high-functioning fashion
  • SIP-Trunk Proxy Service – A SIP-aware firewall at the edge of the company network that eliminates the need to complicate systems by introducing third-party firewalls and security tools
  • Application Web Proxy Service – Secure access to Mitel Unified Communications through a secure connection between company LAN and Public Internet

Mitel Border Gateway is a premium solution for teleworking businesses all over. See for yourself how it can improve your productivity!

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