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Posted in : All, Cloud Telephony, Communication | July 17, 2018

Creating a seamless experience that spans our office to our social media feed is a reality that is very common within our organization. Providing customer service and partnering with our customers is a philosophy that emphasizes the uniqueness of our business model—but providing multi-channel support that includes social media as well as other ways to strengthen this model can only prove beneficial for our customers.

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Let’s face it, VoIP is a niche market but that doesn’t mean that your brand needs to be hidden. At Voysis, we are slowly but steadily creating a “persona” and slowly introducing them to you. This will help strengthen our commitment to our clients that we are always available to you.

Here’s what we’ve done so far:

Social Media Is Instantaneous

I’ll re-emphasize the “partnering with our customers” as an important reason why we’ve gone “social”.  We want our customers to feel connected to us in any way they can; whether that means resolving an issue immediately or being able to answer any question they may have.

That’s why we have made a conscious decision to connect with our customers through our social media channels.

Validation for a customer who isn’t satisfied with the service they’re receiving is key—but there’s also an upside to this. When a customer posts their dissatisfaction on a company’s social media page they’re in the “driver’s seat (so-to-speak). What’s often overlooked is the “reaction time”—the last thing a prospective client wants to see is a company responding a week later rather than a few minutes later. Therefore, responding to an issue before it turns into a five-alarm fire is only proof that your customer service is on top of their game.

Whitepapers—and Thought Provoking Content

Writing about VoIP to educate our clients about the services we offer—and how they can be benefit from them—is an important part of our marketing strategy. By creating thought provoking content, our goal is to simplify our solutions and services by allowing others to understand what our approach is in cloud migration, unified communications, as well as helping them understand how we can tailor our solutions to their business. Over the last few months, we have created industry relatable whitepapers; our aim is also to create a discussion forum for our clients. By allowing them to comment on our process, we can tweak, improve, and to some extent be of better service to them.

The World Wide Web

When it comes to rebuilding and redesigning your website, you pretty much have carte blanche. The rule of thumb is simple: there is no rule of thumb. However, a variety of factors can make redesigning your website worthwhile. In our case, with new business models added, our cloud solution taking precedent, as well as updating and making information more available to our partners were the main reasons for our current initiative. The most important thing to remember about redesigning your website is taking into consideration what your customers are looking for and how readily available this content is for them. There are innovative website tools out there that will allow you to track what your visitors are clicking on which will help redirect your customers to these specific features within your website.

Give your Clients Something to Remember

Sometimes a presentation goes a long way but at the end of it what really sticks out? Most of the time it is pricing, other times it’s something about the service you’re going to provide but more often than not, it’s a “leave behind” item that represents who you are as a company. Think about that persona created early on in your marketing strategy; if this “person” were to leave behind something for their clients, what would it be? Clearly, it would be something that best represented who this person is.

The “leave behind” isn’t any different. It should not only be something that’s practical—but tailored to the needs of your clients to show them that you are a leading choice for their business needs. Remember; never “over brand” anything; always create something that looks cool and memorable and ask yourself “if I got this, would I use it?”

What Can You Expect?

Voysis is currently in the process of creating innovate marketing strategies and ideas. We want our customers to be involved in conversations about new products, giveaways, news etc.
We invite you to send you questions or comment directly to marketing@voysis.ca

Get all the telephony functionalities you need for one low monthly price