Posted in : All, Cloud Telephony | July 19, 2013

The term “the cloud” is thrown around a lot these days, and for the average person it can be difficult to understand what is meant by it. The definition and expectations associated with the cloud seem to be changing on a daily basis too, so even business professionals and IT departments can have trouble determining the cloud’s meaning and value in a business context. With that being said, Voysis is dedicated to providing businesses with a solution for voice communication that leverages the cloud and virtualization strategies. The benefits are numerous – let’s take a look at what the cloud and voice virtualization can do.

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First of all, the cloud cuts down on costs. Hosting burdens and infrastructure requirements are lessened by using the cloud to host services and activity. You don’t need the internal space and systems to run your communication services; all you need is the software and the right setup. This is an instant selling point for many businesses.

But what about accessibility? As long as you have a connection, you’ll have access. The cloud can support a wide range of security features, and Voysis’s product offerings include numerous strategies for ensuring the privacy of your communications, including an internal security setup that eliminates the need for third-party firewalls.

Leveraging the cloud can also improve mobility. An “anywhere, anytime” accessibility setup can improve the use of mobile working and the ability to respond to extraneous circumstances.

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