Thinking About Crossing Over to the Cloud?

Posted in : Cloud Telephony, Communication | May 28, 2019

We’ve all heard it before “The cloud is now…” but what does it really mean?

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“What if I’m still looking for traditional on-premise business communications…” Don’t! The fact of the matter is on-premise business communications are slowly becoming an endangered species right to the point of extinction. Cloud computing has numerous benefits these days for any type of organization but in order to fully benefit from a move to the cloud, it’s important to understand what type of cloud environment to adopt, and more importantly, how you can benefit from it.

Public Cloud

A public cloud can save companies from having to purchase, manage, and maintain on-premise equipment and hardware. In a “Public Cloud” type environment, the cloud service provider is held responsible for maintaining and managing the system thus reducing costs. A public cloud can be deployed faster than on-premise infrastructures thus reducing employee productivity downtime and while security has been a longstanding issue with a public cloud infrastructure, if implemented correctly, and the public cloud can be as secure as a private cloud platform.

Private Cloud

The private cloud, also known as an internal or corporate cloud  has many of the same benefits of the public cloud but deliver a higher level of security and privacy to ensure operations and sensitive data isn’t easily accessible. Furthermore, a private cloud infrastructure allows for greater flexibility in that you can add users, improves customer service, employee responsiveness, and businesses on the go.

Finding Simplicity in the Cloud through Unified Communications

Team collaboration is key for any businesses; on any given day, employees can receive up to 100 emails let alone having to search for information in different areas (stored throughout servers). By integrating team collaboration within your cloud unified communications, you’re offering your employees and corporate infrastructure a significant business opportunity.

The truth is; business leaders are choosing cloud communications to keep their workforce connected from anywhere, and all devices, in order to get full access to content and people. Keeping your employees connected is critical to achieving your goals.

Cloud Migration vs On-Site (2020 trajectory)

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