IP telephony: solution to high telecom costs

Posted in : All, Cloud Telephony | July 19, 2013

Although the cost of telecom services around the globe has generally reached a more reasonable level over the past handful of years \, many regions of the world still struggle with high prices for services that allow us to use voice across vast geographical space. Additionally, in some instances, it can feel unnecessary or annoying to have to pay for telecom service at all, considering the growth and expansiveness of the Internet and the way that it can be used to connect people. That’s where IP telephony comes in.

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Companies all over are now offering customers a way to connect via voice without the use of telecom services. IP telephony allows you to use phones and voice devices by connecting through your Network connection rather than through telecom service. The result is a drastic reduction in spending and increased opportunities and features.

This can be especially important in the business world, because telecom services designed to support a large number of people simultaneously can get expensive very quickly. Instead, consider making a few small and permanent investments in infrastructure and voice systems to solidify your lasting ability to connect to high-speed Internet and reliable voice service.

Voysis offers a range of products and services that help you do just that – meet your voice communication needs in tandem with your network. Our line of Brocade switches is a great solution for network infrastructure, and our Mitel products and services give you the hardware and software to make your IP phone system idea a reality.

If you’re in the Quebec area and want to try out IP telephony and see what it can do for you, check out Voysis!

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