Making any Hotel into a Business-friendly Environment

Posted in : Cloud Telephony, Industries | November 29, 2018

These days, most travelers expect a lot more from their hotel room than the conventional bed and clean bathroom. Rather, they reliable on their mobile devices to get most of their work done. Whether its email or reports, they need to stay connected to their team.

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Voysis’ reliable and cost-effective VoIP solutions provide business-class service by allowing hotel management to offer customizable services to guests at the touch of a button. Whether its food, valet, or bellhop service, using a cost-effective VoIP solution will significantly turn your hotel into a business and customer-friendly environment. Let’s face it, in this digital age, we all want to have access to information where and when we need it. With our VoIP telephony, the possibilities are endless.

Improving Business Continuity

With perks and add-ons like video conferencing, call bridging, WebEx features, being in touch with your team will significantly improve business continuity. You will be able to constantly stay in contact with your team, even if they’re not staying at the hotel.

Our SimplyVoysis Solution

With our cloud-based SimplyVoysis solution,  hotel owners and brands can now offer guests enhanced telecommunications features. For example, with our cloud based solution, most hotels can use the same phones they are already running and devices that support SIP. In other words, our solution is “bring your own device” which allows for significant cost-savings since there is no need to keep additional on-premise material or a full-time technical staff (our staff can be reached remotely at any time of the day). To that point, we can also offer a wide range of IP phones that are modern and easy to configure.

Our SimplyVoysis solution is simplicity at it’s finest. By going “cloud”, we can support a wide range of security features; especially within a hotel setting where information can be easily compromised. Our cloud telephony system connects to a secure data center and dedicated to your company’s own infrastructure at a fixed cost.

These days, most hotels are moving away from the traditional analog “way” of doing things to more modern practices like VoIP; it makes great financial sense, especially in hospitality, an industry that is constantly evolving. Our solutions go hand-in-hand; flexible and constantly evolving.


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