Fibrenoire Network – CloudEXTN: The Cloud Service

Posted in : Cloud Telephony, Communication | December 30, 2019

Voysis is proud to announce we are now available on FibreNoire’s CloudEXTN


Get all the telephony functionalities you need for one low monthly price

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Allowing FibreNoire’s clients to have access to our Cisco Broadsoft solution with a full Cisco Webex Collaboration and Contact Center delivered on a private extension from their networks to our datacenters.

CloudEXTN (pronounced Cloud Extension) is a simple single connection that opens the door to a multitude of cloud service providers.

And with a direct, private access managed end-to-end that extends towards all your preferred applications and services hosted in the cloud.

Fibrenoire Network - Cloud EXTN - Amazon Web services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud PLatform

Avantages :

A Dedicated, Reliable Connection

CloudEXTN benefits from very low latency because it routes traffic directly to multiple cloud services. Thanks to a reliable and robust network, Fibrenoire is able to consistently deliver high-performance levels. You can also enjoy the benefits of various cloud providers based on your business needs.

Safety First

CloudEXTN uses a Level 3 secure connection to arm you against the risks posed by the public Internet. It is a private extension of your company network linking it directly and securely to your cloud service providers.


A Seamless Approach

CloudEXTN is a 100% hassle-free solution. Fibrenoire fully manages capacity adjustments and BGP routing configurations. The service also evolves with you and adapts to your company network linking it directly and securely to your cloud service providers.


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All the telephony functionalities you need. Get started for only $19.99/month.

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