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Long-distance Learning Made Simple

Posted in : Cloud Telephony, Hosted Telephony, Industries | December 5, 2018

With distance learning and online classes becoming a lot more predominant in colleges and universities, the need for a reliable and modern solution that will allow communication and interaction through voice and video calls is important. Now, with today’s VoIP technology, school districts can now provide out-of-classroom interaction for lessons, tutorials, office appointments etc. Our […]

SimplyVoysis – Corporate Presentation

Posted in : Cloud Telephony, Hosted Telephony | September 18, 2018

Your Simplest Solution to Everyday Telephony Needs! Powered by BroadSoft, a leader in cloud-based communications, SimplyVoysis will help modernize your company’s services and reduce in-house infrastructure costs all while helping your company improve its performance! At SimplyVoysis, we believe in finding simple solutions to your everyday telephony needs. Your journey to the cloud—starts here! Download […]


Posted in : All, Hosted Telephony, Mitel | April 23, 2015

Ghost Vulnerability (CVE-2015-0235) Background  A serious vulnerability has been identified in code used by the gethostbyname() functions within glibc. Exploitation of this vulnerability could cause an application to crash or allow execution of arbitrary code. The bug was introduced in glibc-2.2 and was eliminated in glibc-2.18. However, many Linux distributions use one of these versions […]


Posted in : All, Communication, Hosted Telephony | July 19, 2013

Let’s face it – the business world is changing. As effective and traditional as office work environments are, they are slowly growing and shifting towards more fluid work environments. With more and more studies demonstrating that working from home and other alternative methods to office working are just as if not more productive than the […]


Posted in : All, Hosted Telephony | July 19, 2013

What do you look for in a phone? Twenty years ago, this would not have been a very complicated question. People may have been looking for ways to “cut the cord” and get involved with a cordless phone, or maybe they were looking for a certain kind of answering machine, but the options had yet […]