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Webex Calling
Call & Collaborate with Ease Anywhere, Anytime

Posted in : Cloud Telephony, Communication, On-site Telephony | September 26, 2023

Simplify Business Communication for Your Organization Most parts of the world have increasingly adopted a hybrid work model—a combination of working from home, working remotely, and working from the office. To adapt to this work model, organizations now need a reliable cloud calling solution for their employees and end users, whether they are working from […]

Moving Your Webex Contact Center to the Cloud

Posted in : Communication | September 18, 2023

Future proofing your webex contact center Unveiling the Next Era of Customer Interaction   Your contact center is one of your most important interactions with current and potential customers. It’s likely that now is an ideal time to examine future technologies that can take your contact center to the next step. A great contact center […]

AI Unleashed: Revolutionizing Customer Experiences in Contact Centers

Posted in : Communication | September 18, 2023

According to IDC, over 70% of buyers point to customer experience as an important factor in purchasing decisions. The rise of consumer expectations, digital interactions, and technological advances are driving companies to rethink the way they interact with their customers. Intense competition and customer interactions at every stage of the journey are challenging companies to […]

Voysis use Obkio for Network Performance Monitoring

Posted in : Cloud Telephony, Communication, Non classé | February 19, 2020

SimplyNPMNetwork Performance Monitoring : NPM : It’s continuous monitoring by sending synthetic traffic from decentralized agents to establish a performance baseline and history. –  Advantages : –  – Increasing proactivity : Network Performance Monitoring let IT pros work on issues before they affect end-users. – Synthetic Traffic : This light traffic is non-intrusive and very […]

Fibrenoire Network – CloudEXTN: The Cloud Service

Posted in : Cloud Telephony, Communication | December 30, 2019

Voysis is proud to announce we are now available on FibreNoire’s CloudEXTN   Allowing FibreNoire’s clients to have access to our Cisco Broadsoft solution with a full Cisco Webex Collaboration and Contact Center delivered on a private extension from their networks to our datacenters. CloudEXTN (pronounced Cloud Extension) is a simple single connection that opens […]