Word of the Month

Word of the Month – No Fear

Posted in : Word of the Month | June 12, 2019

I’m quickly reminded of a conversation I had with a friend who told me “don’t mourn the loss an ideal you never had…it just creates fear.” Being afraid of something that has not happened or may never happen will prohibit you from moving forward; it’s the biggest killer of dreams. Every time you let fear […]

Word of the Month – Proactive

Posted in : Word of the Month | May 6, 2019

In March’s Word of the Month, there was a statement that read: “it’s important to constantly move forward, to make consistent progress in anything you do.” The same goes for being proactive; when you’re proactive waiting around for answers to appear is simply a waste of time, rather you go out and seek the answers. […]

Word of the Month – Align/Realign

Posted in : Word of the Month | April 1, 2019

Our lives are constantly shifting. Although change is good and positive for us, sometimes we lose momentum and forget that we need to realign ourselves with our goals and priorities, and more importantly, acknowledge the fact that we lose focus. It’s difficult to be aligned 100% of the time because sometimes obstacles that need to […]

Word of the Month – Forward

Posted in : Word of the Month | March 7, 2019

“Spring forward…”; a term loosely based on Daylight Savings Time (which is right around the corner) is going to have a little spin on it for this “Word of the Month”, that is, using the term to describe springing into action, getting things done, and so forth. One thing I’ve realized is that it’s important […]

Word of the Month – Love

Posted in : Word of the Month | February 1, 2019

It seems fitting that “Love” would be the chosen word for February’s “Word of the Month”. I recently saw an interview with Steve Jobs on LinkedIn where he was asked the same question most successful visionaries are asked: “What is the secret to your success.” His reply was simple “Do what you love…” The notion […]