Word of the Month – Love

Posted in : Word of the Month | February 1, 2019

It seems fitting that “Love” would be the chosen word for February’s “Word of the Month”. I recently saw an interview with Steve Jobs on LinkedIn where he was asked the same question most successful visionaries are asked: “What is the secret to your success.” His reply was simple “Do what you love…”

The notion about loving what you do can be adapted to pretty much anything; your work and home life, your hobbies etc. I think what’s important is that when you identify something you love to do and pursue your passions, it no longer feels like “work”. Most of us believe that we don’t have control over what we do because of circumstance; but we forget that we have a choice and the ability to shift our lives in the direction we want. We all have special talents and gifts that make us unique. In my humble opinion, the only way you can “do what you love” is when you focus on the things you want to bring within your life…if you haven’t already, get started!

I invite you to watch this clip of Steve Jobs for inspiration.