Word of the Month – Believe

Posted in : Word of the Month | December 4, 2018

Given that this is the last “Word of the Month” for 2018, I wanted to pick something that would be meaningful as a retrospective for this past year and also something we can incorporate in 2019. As the year slowly comes to a close, think back to the beginning of 2018 when all we wanted to do was create the possibility to succeed. We most likely came to this idea because succeeding goes hand in hand with believing in one-self. In our professional and personal lives, we set goals in order to improve ourselves, test our limits, and ultimately evolve. What happens when we reach some point of success? Do we stop, or do we continue to move forward. The most obvious answer would be to move forward, right? Of course, but this would also require some sort of self-confidence and that old adage of “yes I can”.

This month, as we approach the end of the year, don’t let fear of failure or insecurity stop you from reaching for the stars or trying new things. Believe in yourself; believe in who you are; and more importantly “create the highest grandest vision of your life because you become what you believe…”