Word of the Month – Align/Realign

Posted in : Word of the Month | April 1, 2019

Our lives are constantly shifting. Although change is good and positive for us, sometimes we lose momentum and forget that we need to realign ourselves with our goals and priorities, and more importantly, acknowledge the fact that we lose focus. It’s difficult to be aligned 100% of the time because sometimes obstacles that need to be dealt with right away take precedence.

“Happiness is a choice not a result of something you do.”

 Often, we have difficulty aligning ourselves with our goals and priorities because we struggle with the unknown. We constantly “wait” for something better to come along and then realize that we spent so much time trying to find the “perfect” solution that a better one passed us by. Personal fulfillment is an abstract idea but we know it when we feel it; when we realign ourselves to our own goals and our main focus, we being to understand the importance of our “higher self”; the person that wants us to be happy and connected all the time. This month, let’s try to listen to that “person”; they know when we need to realign our thoughts, ideas, and focus, and ultimately get us to where we need to be.