Posted in : All | April 4, 2023

Voysis, a leading provider of hosted and cloud telephony enterprise solutions, has announced the acquisition of Medwave Optique, a specialist in the implementation and deployment of cloud telephony solutions, videoconference, and fiber optic systems. The purchase of Medwave Optique will make Voysis one of the largest privately owned cloud telephony solutions providers in Quebec.

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Voysis will increase its Cisco cloud offerings, including WEBEX Contact Center and WEBEX Calling, which is the primary reason for the acquisition. Medwave Optique’s wealth of expertise will be a valuable asset to Voysis’ uncompromising customer service. “This acquisition represents a major milestone for Voysis, as it enables the company to significantly enhance its call center capabilities and expand its service offerings. With the addition of 14 new talented members, Voysis is positioned to provide exceptional service to its clients and drive growth”, according to Frank Silla, President of Voysis.

Mario, CEO of Medwave Optique, expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition, stating that “it will allow all of Medwave Optique’s clients to have more cloud options, especially relating to Cisco enterprise-level systems”. Since 2003, Medwave Optique’s highly qualified specialists have served hundreds of small and medium companies. Medwave Optique is a recognized industry expert in the fields of Cisco WEBEX Contact Center and Cisco WEBEX Calling, distinguished by the quality of its work and its customer focus.

Voysis, incorporated in 2003, supports Cisco Broadsoft, branded under SimplyVoysis, the entire Cisco product portfolio, and with its team, creates solutions based on its customer’s needs.

The company recognizes that the value of a communications solution is different for every business. Voysis’ goal is to service and simplify voice, collaboration, and contact centers by introducing its portfolio of solutions, which are highly scalable, secure, easily managed, and optimized to meet the evolving communications needs of its customers.

The acquisition of Medwave Optique will undoubtedly strengthen Voysis’ position in the market and reinforce its commitment to delivering innovative, customer-focused communication solutions.

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